Elgin camshaft specs

The LS2 engine was General Motors’ first engine in its Generation IV family for its small block V8 engines. This engine was created with a volume of 5.967 L, or more generically 6.0L, slightly larger than the 5.7L LS6 engine that it replaced in several models. see cam specs in my sig...great cam for a DD. i love mine, hits good at WOT starting around 800 rpms and really grabs around 30 MPH. im also running stock springs/rods with no problems in the 3 months ive had it. not tuned yet so idk what itll end up like but ill let u know next month. The camshaft is driven by a single chain. The timing chain transmits the rotational movement from the crankshaft to the camshafts. Head tightening procedure and torque specsA faithful reproduction ground to exact factory Stage 1 specifications for the person who wants to keep their engine 100 percent factory stock, Smooth idle. Power range is from idle to 5500RPM. An excellent high performance street cam for both high and low compression engines. Use our Hi-Rev Lifters. Should use our PE106 Stage 1 Springs. $149 ... Camshafts for the Chevrolet Straight Six 194, 230, & 250 CID Engines Excellent customer relationships with the best known, globally recognized engine manufacturers along with a talented and dedicated internal staff has allowed Engine Power Components to grow from a small operation when founded in 1979, to one of the leading camshaft suppliers in the world today. Sep 17, 2015 · The OEM cam gears vary in tooth count, bolt pattern, and sensor pickup. A – Single bolt 4X camshaft gear 2007-2014 LS2 or LS3 engine. GM PN 12591689. B – Three bolt 4X camshaft gear, 2006 LS2 Corvette or from a 2006-2009 LS7 Corvette engine. GM PN12586481. Cams. Valve on seat 95 psi. Valve open 240 psi. Valve on seat 105 psi. Valve open 265psi. Valve on seat 110 psi. Valve open 280 psi. Valve on seat 120 psi. Valve open 300 psi. Valve on seat 125 psi. Valve open 325 psi. NOTE: Maximum valve open pressure for flat lifter cams is 375 psi, minimum valve on seat pressure is 75 psi. Elgin. Quick View. 6.250"/6.272" Hardened Pushrods, Stock Length for SB Ford 5.0/302 GT40, GT40P, HO, Engines w/ Factory Hyd Roller Lifters. $28.50. Pioneer Automotive Industries 5184 Pioneer Road Meridian, MS 39301. Main Line: 601-483-5211 Customer Service: Phone : 800-821-2302 Fax: 800-821-2303. Tech Support: All of our camshafts are made using three-bolt cores, however most profiles are available as a single-bolt cam upon request; please specify your requirement when ordering. Custom camshafts are also available, either designed for your application, or manufactured to your specifications. Cam# Range Lifter# Cam/Lifter# Int Exh Cam Lift Valve Lift Adv. Dur. Timing Event @.050 Cam Lift Dur. Opens. Closes Over-Lap Feb 13, 2009 · The descriptions that follow cover car performance characteristics within each Elgin PRO STOCK range. Recommended engine/vehicle modifications are listed to help you achieve your performance goals NOTE: Durations shown below are at 0.050" cam lift. Range A Hydraulic - Up to 195° Effective Duration Smooth stock type idle. Good low end torque in 1600-2000 RPM range. a budget cam that seems to tick all the boxes, cheap, effective, lower lift, good for all motor and turbo applications making it an easy go to. sold as jegs, trickflow, elgin and more, available on amazon, ebay and more. now if you hunt around or wait for deals sometimes you can find this cam on ebay or jegs for 238 / sloppy stage 2 on jegs The camshaft is often referred to as the "brain" of the engine. Choosing the correct camshaft for a specific application can be one of the most difficult parts of an engine build. It's also one area where no amount of "catalog research," or "bench racing" can begin to substitute for actual experience running many different cam profiles in ... Yes, the cam I am using is the equivalent Elgin cam ground to the Isky specs. I know the only way to really know what I have is to degree the cam. My compression ratio is 10 to 1. I have TRW forged flat top pistons with one large vale relief. My heads are 64 cc 041 castings with 1.94 valves. The engine is basically a warmed over 350/300HP engine. Camshaft material, i.e., what the camshaft is made from, is the most important detail in stopping premature wear of performance camshafts. There are various materials that camshafts are...The bore and stroke dimensions are: 3.90-inch (99 mm) bore x 3.62-inch (92 mm) stroke. Oiling System: the oiling system utilizes a conventional “wet sump” design with the oil pickup being rear ... Note: original standard-shift high-performance 340 4bbl. cam: Note: as installed on 112° centerline per Chrysler: 268°/272° Hydraulic: P4452761: Intake Duration, Nominal: 268° Exhaust Duration, Nominal: 272° Intake Duration @ .050” 228° Exhaust Duration @ .050” 231° Intake Lobe Centerline: 108° ATDC: Exhaust Lobe Centerline: 112° BTDC: Lobe Separation Angle The inexpensive ELGIN #E-1160-P camshaft works well in that situation. 208°@.050" -.484" valve lift - 111° seperation; 105° intake centerline.
This is a high performance Sloppy camshaft from Elgin Industries. It is for use with the 3-bolt cam gear, and will not work with Active Fuel Management. Elgin Industries E-18341-P Use w/ 3-bolt cam gear Not for use w/ Active Fuel Management

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Mar 24, 2008 · Getting ready to purchase camshaft and down to two choices - Melling MTA-1 vs. Edelbrock 2132 Camshaft. Lift and duration seem to be about the same and I would expect the same results but is one better than the other? AMC 401 Standard Bore .010/.010 Crankshaft 3444 Heads Recent rebuild New Edelbrock 1405 600 cfm Edelbrock 2131 Intake Used

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This is a single pattern cam. So the duration is the same intake and exhaust. The "illegible character" is a zero. The intake events are 14 btdc to 38 abdc and the exhaust events are 50 bbdc to 2 atdc. That makes the 050 duration 232 degrees, and the cam is a little more duration than the 270.

a budget cam that seems to tick all the boxes, cheap, effective, lower lift, good for all motor and turbo applications making it an easy go to. sold as jegs, trickflow, elgin and more, available on amazon, ebay and more. now if you hunt around or wait for deals sometimes you can find this cam on ebay or jegs for 238 / sloppy stage 2 on jegs Cam Specs & Overview. Recommended applications for S&S Cams: HP103: For the rider who Note: Although several cam grinds were used in stock engines from 1999-'06, the timing specs of the 475G...the 'tfs1' cam I thought I had wasn't. it is actually a elgin 1835 cam. The specs are very close to a tfs1. I need to sell or trade for a wideband gauge. looking for 150 shipped plus 3% not a penny lower. text me for pics or paypal info. Official Chevrolet site: see Chevy cars, trucks, crossovers & SUVs - see photos/videos, find vehicles, compare competitors, build your own Chevy & more.